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Soft Pleating Systems

Soft folds flow smoothly from one end to the other creating a gently tailored effect that is suitable for either commercial or residential installations. The master carriers that butt together and carriers that swivel eliminate flat drapery areas. Folds are identically beautiful from inside and outside of the building. The headings suspended under the track cannot tip or sag and the folds are always perfectly positioned and spaced. Advantages include: Minimum track exposure, Low maintenance & Easy economical fabrication

How it Works

The desired style of the track system is mounted on the wall, ceiling or recess. Using the fabrication guide for specifications, tape is stitched to flat hemmed panels of fabric. The panels snap to carriers, creating a graceful, uniform flow of soft pleat folds.

Less Stackback, More Light

The soft pleat folds stack back to the very ends of the track. This takes up less space than conventionally pleated draperies, exposing more glass allowing more light to come in.

Magnetic Butt Master Carriers

These butt together in the centre for continuous looking flow in drapery folds and are great for one way draws. The magnets ensure that the drapes remain together when they are closed.

Ease and Economy of Fabrication

Forget pleat stitching, Soft Pleats needs only straight hemming, stiffening is unnecessary. The permanently stiffened nylon snap tapes supports heading through repeated laundering. Soft Pleat takes less fabric per panel than conventionally pleated drapes. Not every fabric will look correct with Soft Pleat, for best appearance the fabric should be compatible with the heading system. If in doubt a sample drapery should be made up and installed to check the appearance. Fabric requirements are also easier to figure as there is only one spacing on snap tape.

Lower Maintenance Time and Cost

The speed and ease of snapping panels into place reduces maintenance time and expense. The draperies are handled less so they maintain their appearance for longer. Off the track Soft Pleat draperies are perfectly flat. Laundering, cleaning and pressing the Draperies are simpler and less expensive. The Soft Pleat Draperies fall into lovely soft natural folds when panels are snapped to carriers.

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