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System 4 - Heavy Duty Track

This style of curtain tracking system has been used extensively throughout Australia in most Major Hotels and resorts and commercial buildings.

Most Hotels and resorts prefer to use hand drawn curtain tracks due to the huge variation of guests that frequent, whereby there is a large variation between people who are used to using hand or cord drawn.

Cord drawn curtain tracks can become tangled if a guest opens the curtain by hand, hence the reason most use hand drawn which results in low maintenance.


- Without a doubt the best hand drawn ceiling fix track on the market.

- Wheeled runners with a high load capacity.

- Clip on,Clip off bracket.

- Curtain track can be bent to 90 degrees as standard or reverse bend.

- Flexibilty with bends allows for overlapping of curtains without using master carriers.i.e. tracks can be set apart to pass each other for the overlap.

All these features allows for very high quality functionality with extremely low maintenance.


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