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System 9 - Formed Pleating Systems

The most complete Soft Pleat range available on the market (some people may call this by names such as “Roll Pleat” or “S Pleat”).

Features magnetic butt master carriers.The magnets in the carriers do not allow the soft pleats to spring back from the closed position with hand drawn tracks.

Range consists of –

Residential hand drawn.

Commercial / Residential hand drawn.

Decorator hand drawn.

Cord drawn all purpose.

Motorised all purpose.

- Residential track can have up to 90 degree normal bends and reverse bends in 4 different size radius.

- Runner link cord is available in 80% and 100% fullness.

- Transparent snap tape is also available for sheer fabrics.



The decorator track uses the same style finials and end caps as our standard system 6 decorator track.This allows for variation in your house from modern soft pleat to standard curtain pleats in the same color tracks and finials.

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