EXCELL – RAEX® motorized systems.

EXCELL - RAEX® Motorized Track System.

Excell Décor is proud to announce the release of our new range of RAEX® motorized systems.

RAEX® motors are currently sold worldwide. Their product range is proven and reliable, which is line with Excell Décor’s mandate to sell only the very best products, followed up by competent and dependable customer service.

In a market flooded with alternative Motorised Track systems, Excell-Raex® can offer a competitively priced product which doesn’t fall short in quality, looks and reliability.  Our no fuss ordering system along with a reliable, approachable team makes the Excell-Raex® Motorized system a worthy option.

Our first release is the System 15 Motorized Curtain Track.

  • The System 15 Motorized Curtain Track is one of the quietest systems on the market.
  • The innovative clutch system allows you to start the motor by simply moving the curtain by hand.  (Handy if the user misplaces the remote control unit)  (Also in the event of a power failure, the curtains can be opened and closed like a standard curtain.)
  • The motor has a built in memory that takes away any complicated open and close motor settings during the set up process.
  • The motor has a built in radio receiver, therefore no messy components dangling down behind the curtain.
  • Slender modern motors that blend beautifully into the curtain stack back, which look clean and crisp behind see through sheers.
  • The track can be bent to 45 and 90 degrees as well as gradual bends.
  • Various motor ratings are available to suit domestic or commercial applications.
  • Motors are compatible for use in home / building computer system controls, such as C-BUS and so on.